Teeth Whitening

One way of having beautifully white teeth is to do teeth whitening in Nicaragua.  After all, white teeth are the center of your smile; they lighten up your face, and can take years off your appearance.

There are countless options available for teeth whitening, from toothpastes that contain hydrogen peroxide (a known whitener), to at home teeth whitening kits, to centers that specialize in whitening of the teeth.

What causes the teeth to yellow in the first place?  Usually we all start out with sparkling white teeth but over time they become yellow or beige.  This is caused by the slow break-down of the tooth enamel, the white surface of the tooth.  As this enamel erodes over the years by eating, drinking staining beverages such as coffee or tea, smoking, or poor dental care, the enamel slowly erodes and the underlying dentin—which is yellow in color—begins to show through.  Whitening the teeth removes the layers of debris that have gathered in the tiny cracks of the enamel, cracks that allow the yellow dentin color to show through.

So what are some of the options to restore your brightest, whitest smile?  The most effective method is having it done by a professional in a dentist’s office, where they can use a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide than can be purchased in at-home whitening kits.   And the best buy for such a dental service is to seek dental services in Nicaragua.

Dr. Gonzalo Barquero explains the process and benefits of Teeth whitening.