Dental Tourism

Dental tourism in Nicaragua

It is no secret that medical tourism has been on the rise over the last few decades. Prices in some countries are so high that they have forced patients to look for better options abroad. Even if it sounds a bit risky in the beginning, once they complete their treatments, and see the results of a truly professional dental work in their own mouths, most end up wondering why they hadn´t done it before.

Nicaragua is a great destination for dental tourism, chosen by a number of patients every year.

Reasons for dental tourism in Nicaragua

Because medical tourism is commonplace in the country. Not only at Dentistry Nicaragua, where we have been providing a variety of dental treatments tailored to each patient’s wishes and needs for over a decade (and delivering great results at attractive prices!), but at many other clinics that attend a lot of specialties in other medical institutions.

Because the World Health Organization has acknowledged that Nicaragua has one of the best health care systems in the world.

Because here you find reasonable prices. Dental tourists who travel to Nicaragua receive the same high-quality service they would expect from a top-notch dental clinic back in their country for a fraction of the price. Even at the best dental clinics like Dentistry Nicaragua, where doctors hold the highest accreditations, you will likely end up paying less than you would back home.

Because Nicaragua is an amazing country where you can find biodiversity and lots of adventure. This makes any dental tourism package to this country more attractive.

Because in Nicaragua travelers usually find themselves in an atmosphere many refer to as an Eden. Most foreigners would describe Nicaraguans (a.k.a. Nicas) as lively, kind and friendly folks.

Because Nicaragua has many protected areas, social and political stability, high levels of education, and an efficient infrastructure of services that would make you feel home.

Because Nicaragua is in a geographically desirable position in America; therefore, those who want to start a business find no trouble, and those who want to retire here find no difficulties in establishing or getting used to the city. As a matter of fact, seniors of other nationalities often come to Nicaragua for quality dental care, and end up establishing commercial operations or retiring here as well.

…And because it is always a good idea to experience new things in life!

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